The Healthy Grown Potato Program

May 18th, 2015

Healthy Grown


The Natural Community Standard
Building capacity for grower stewardship of Wisconsin ecosystems

The Wisconsin Healthy Grown® program is a partnership between the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association and the University of Wisconsin that works to promote more ecologically sound potato and vegetable agricultural systems. Since 1996, the Healthy Grown® Program has included sections on pesticide reduction and ecological potato production in its criteria for certification. In 2003, the ecolabel was expanded to include the Natural Community Standard, with the goal of promoting conservation of native ecosystems on enrolled farms. A number of organizations have also been instrumental in the development of the program; the World Wildlife Fund was a founding partner in the creation and implementation of the program, and the International Crane Foundation and the Defenders of Wildlife facilitated the development of the conservation vision for the program. The goal of this unique collaboration, comprised of an interdisciplinary team of growers, industry leaders, and agricultural and ecological scientists, is to promote the development and implementation of an ecologically and economically sustainable potato production system.

The Natural Community Standard for the Wisconsin Healthy Grown® Potato Program promotes active landowner stewardship of farm ecological health within a regional conservation framework.

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