Richard and Rod Gumz

Richard and Rod Gumz | Gumz Muck Farms, LLC


Richard and Rod Gumz

The Gumz brothers practice sustainable farming and are true stewards of the land.

Brothers Richard and Roderick Gumz formed Gumz Muck Farms, LLC in 1994 and are the fourth generation of Gumz family farmers. They grow, store and pack red potatoes and yellow globe onions for retail sale. The Gumz brothers raise red potatoes, carrots, field corn, soybeans and mint on 6,000 acres in three Wisconsin counties — Marquette, Columbia and Sauk.

Crops grown by the Gumz brothers are geared toward muck soils because most of their land is comprised of organically-rich muck soils. The Gumz brothers are potato growers who, as stewards of the land, proudly utilize integrated pest management techniques on their farms, as well as responsible agricultural practices that help protect the environment.

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