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Larry Alsum | Alsum Farms & Produce


Larry Alsum

Larry was raised on a family-owned dairy farm in Wisconsin — so you’d think farming would have been a natural career choice for Larry. In fact, it wasn’t. After completing college he set off on his own and became a CPA.

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Nick Somers

Nick Somers and his wife, Dianne have been a part of “Healthy Grown” from the beginning; he recognized the importance of incorporating environmental issues with the daily operation of farms.

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Nick and Dianne Somers | Plover River Farms
Justin Isherwood | Isherwood Family Farms

Isherwood Family Farms

Justin Isherwood

It is, or ought to be, in the bones of every farmer, the will to defend the land’s identity, its power and its mysteries.


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Richard and Rod Gumz

The Gumz brothers are stewards of the land, and proudly utilize integrated pest management techniques on their farms, as well as responsible agricultural practices that help protect the environment.

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Richard and Rod Gumz | Gumz Muck Farms, LLC
Steve and Andy Diercks | Coloma Farms


Steve and Andy Diercks

Growers like Steve and Andy Diercks, and other grower members of the WPVGA are working to educate the public on farmers’ water management and the science that exists beneath the surface of farming.

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