Healthy Grown Wisconsin Potatoes

May 19th, 2015

Healthy Grown


A Healthy Balance of Science, Nature and Farming

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Wisconsin’s Story
Launched in 1996, the Healthy Grown Program has made the Wisconsin potato industry a leader in sustainable agricultural practices.

The program advances growers’ use of biointensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM), reduces reliance on high-risk crop protectants and enhances ecosystem conservation efforts through sustainable production practices of fresh potatoes.

The collaboration between Wisconsin potato growers, the University of Wisconsin, as well as other local and national environmental organizations continues to look at whole farm sustainability through whole farm and crop-specific certification programs.


Through Healthy Grown, Wisconsin growers are in a leading position to capture an expanding market for ecologically-grown potatoes while also providing benefits to the entire food value chain.

Healthy Grown Farmers:

• Apply advanced science and technology to manage pests and invasive plants
• Protect and restore rare plants and animals through conservation actions
• Use more sustainable growing practices
• Conserve water and preserve its quality
• Are certified annually by an independent third party

Healthy Grown Potatoes

Wisconsin Healthy Grown Growers
• Alsum Farms, Inc. | Arena
• Coloma Farms, Inc. | Coloma
• Gary Bula Farms, Inc. | Grand Marsh
• Isherwood Family Farms | Plover
• Okray Family Farms, Inc. | Plover
• Paramount Farms, Inc. | Bancroft
• Plover River Farms Alliance, Inc. | Stevens Point
• Trembling Prairie Farms, Inc. | Markesan
• Wysocki Produce Farm, Inc. | Plainfield

Wisconsin Healthy Grown Suppliers
• Alsum Farms & Produce, Inc.
• Bushmans’, Inc.
• Bushman Potato Sales
• Coloma Farms, Inc.
• Okray Family Farms, Inc.
• RPE, Inc.

Healthy Grown potatoes are available in many colors, flavors, and can be found during most of the year, including Russet, Red, Yellow, Round White and Specialty.

Healthy Grown Benefits
• Supporting Organizations
– UW-Madison
– International Crane Foundation
– World Wildlife Foundation
– Defenders of Wildlife
• Grower Involvement
– Multi-generational farms & economic stability
– Committed to continual advancement and verifiable certification
– Annual funding of short & long-term research at UW-Madison
– Use of national and international educational tools to further broaden conservation practices
– Building capacity for grower stewardship of Wisconsin ecosystems
• Forward Thinking
– Increasing sustainable practice adoption
– Reducing use of high-risk crop protectants
– Increasing biodiversity on growers’ privately owned lands
• Highest Quality for the Greatest Value
– Good for you
– Good for the environment
– Good for your produce department